Sunday, April 02, 2006

Welcome Back!

Howdy folks! I may be long gone from the CU School of Pharmacy but I am really impressed with how well so many of you have done since graduating. I've gotten a few e-mails from folks via Classmates, but I'm tired of paying for the ability to reconnect with my old students. Hence, this is why I set up this blog: to provide a free forum for former students to catch up with one another and for me to express my gratitude to the people who were part of the most satisfying part of my career thus far.

One disclaimer: this site is my own personal blog and operates independently of the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy. My policy is that your personal e-mails with me will remain independent of my continued current interactions with CU resulting from my lifetime appointment as a University of Colorado President's Teaching Scholar. I still conduct research with a colleague at the CU SOP, but any information you share with me via e-mail will remain confidential and that no contact information will be shared with the university (i.e., any fundraising efforts outside of the Kroll-CU Pharmacy Alumni Partnership) unless you expressly wish to do so.

However, please realize that your comments to any post are in the public domain and that anyone, including those at the CU Foundation, could use this mechanism to Google you and learn of your current whereabouts and/or electronic contact information.

If you wish to contact me in confidence, please send your message to my private e-mail account.

With that said, I hope for this blog to be a site where I post something once a week, either about pharmacy education or pharmacy practice issues, or to highlight the accomplishments of any graduate who wishes to be publicized here. Remember that we had some incredible people come to our school; I have no doubt that many of you are incredibly successful now, either in pharmacy, in your family or community, or in some other venture.

Since my primary research appointment out here in North Carolina no longer entails a substantial teaching commitment, my selfish intentions are to use this blog to fulfill my personal desire for advancing the next generation of professionals in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences.

So, if you're a CU pharmacy grad from around 1994 through 2002 or so, tell your colleagues that Dr. Kroll is back - he's wired (as usual) and is now keeping office hours on-line.

Welcome back, my friends!